Sunday, January 29, 2012

So while I'm here in the beautiful state of Colorado, I decided to create a blog about the awesome things God will be teaching and showing me in this unique time of my life. It will also be a good idea to become more technologically advanced so that if I'm ever a teacher, my students will not make me feel like a dunce. This place (the blog) will also be a great place to write about one of my passions: books! That, and lack of a better name, is why I called it Rachel's reading/writing room, which I very possibly will change. So I'll put on here review-like comments about what books I'm reading at the moment. And I also want to hear about what books any of you are reading and what God is doing in your life! Anyone feel free to comment and post things because I will definitely get sick of listening to myself talk. So welcome to my blog. Hopefully I will remember to keep it up.


  1. Sorry Rachel I was trying to figure out how this thing worked. I will try again. You already know the Amazing books I am reading right now. The Mortal Instrument series and The Forest and Hands and Teeth, as well as the Hunger Games. Why are all the books I enjoy about death and morbid creatures and zombies? I'd rather read this than a plush romance. Probably because my life is boring or whatever and so I can escape it by reading and living in a totally different world. That is nice sometimes huh. Lots better than textbooks too. In fact that reminds me to go to half-price tomorrow. Well, I don't want to bore you with such a long comment. I will wright back about another Book that I should be reading. Wish I loved it as much as Beth or King David.

    1. Ha ha. It was a lovely reply. And yes, that's what I do too. My favorite kinds are fantasy ones, because it's boring to read about things that can really happen. And by the way, you really need to read the Heaven Trilogy! (by Ted Dekker) They have some great biblical imagery in them.

  2. Hi Rachel!

    I'm Christy's friend, the one you met in Houston once! Christy told me about your blog, but she mostly talks about how cool you are : ) So, your blog has to have some cool insights too, right? I also like books, so it'll be interesting to see what everyone posts!