Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jumping into Books

So, I watched the movie, Inkheart last night (which is also a great book). It's about people coming out of books and going into them, and I was thinking how awesome it would be to go into a book. Especially for a writer, imagining going into one of my books would be awesome. I would love to go into my Alana story and be a mermaid. I would also love to go into the Hairy Potter books. Magic and dragons! The whole Voldemort thing wouldn't be fun though. There are some books I wouldn't want to go into like The Hunger Games. That would just be terrifying. Ted Dekker's books would be pretty frightening too. What are some books you would like to enter, or not enter?

If you went into a book, would you become a character, or just be a new character as yourself? And would the story change, or end the same way? Hmmm. Interesting ideas. Perhaps a future book idea. If I do it, I'd have to work hard to make it different than Inkheart. Oh, I just thought of another book I'd love to enter: Eragon. It would be so cool to be bonded to a dragon! (or to be the dragon)

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