Friday, March 1, 2013

Skiing in New Mexico

So this last weekend I went snow-shoeing and skiing with my awesome family at Angel Fire, New Mexico. It was beautiful and the snow was great for skiing. It was a blast. Here are some pictures of the trip. I didn't take any of my dad, sis, and I skiing because I didn't have time for that; we shredded that mountain!

 Is this crazy guy in my family? Oh yeah, he's my brother

My lovely sister only fell on her face once. Ha ha!  
Sunday afternoon it started to snow while we were skiing. Have you ever skiied with snow blowing at you? What a rush! Anyhow, late that afternoon my family headed south and I came back north to Denver. The snow got steadily worse as I neared the border of Colorado until in Raton it was so bad you could barely see the road. Needless to say, I had to stay in Raton that night because of the blizzard. It was an exciting, albeit terrifying, trip! I am thankful the Lord got us all home safely, and am amazed once again at His beauty in the mountains and sparkling snow. How have you seen God's beauty, in any way, this week?  

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