Sunday, June 30, 2013


My sister and I went to an ImagineDragons concert this weekend in Kansas City, MO, and it was awesome!   Most people I've asked haven't heard of this indie(ish)-rock group, and I only began listening to them a little less than a year ago, when they popped up on my Spotify radio channel when I was listening to another group.

I like this band because they don't only sing of one topic, like love, and their songs are clean. The main vocalist, Dan Reynolds, has an excellent, unique voice, and the other members of the band are very talented. ImagineDragons' lyrics are deep, unique, and make you think. This band is fairly new; this tour is their first one ever, but they are doing an excellent job, and the seats at the Starlight Theater were sold out. This group's music is similar to One Republic, if you're curious, and here's their website if you want to learn more about them or watch some of their music videos.

Some pics of my sis and I in beautiful Kansas City (and I tried to flip them, but couldn't figure out how w/ my inferior technological skills) :

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