Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lovelace's Point of View

-This entry is for a class. I have to take a letter from the novel, Clarissa, and make it into a blog entry.  I have taken Lovelace's letter from pg. 177 (the last section of his letter) and tried to make it modern.

Making Progress

I am doing well now with my honey, Clarissa. I'm sure that she will increase bountifully in her feelings for me every day from now on. I was rude to her at first because I wanted to show her that I have a backbone and to earn her fear. So if I'm kind to her from now on, it will heighten her feelings of me.

My next goal is to make her like me more than all other men, and then my main purpose will not be far away; soon I will be the happiest man alive! If she tells me she loves me, then this opens the door for all kinds of freedoms which can only grow over time.

If my little petunia continues to call me names (like an uncaring jerk), I'll just say that she is cruel. Women, for some reason, loved to be described as this; it makes them feel powerful or something. So, many times I have complained of her rudeness to her face so that she feels like she has some kind of hold on me (which is clearly untrue).

I also want to let Clarissa know that she is very wise so that she will hold me in higher esteem than she currently does.

I just love making traps for people and watching them fall in while not even realizing they are being duped. I will peer at my sweet, virtuous beauty over the cliff she just tumbled off and ask her how she managed to be down so far. (Aren't I clever and creepy?)

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  1. I can't wait to see you in London, Rob! And great post. But I don't think you should go to such lengths to hurt this girl, especially if she's as beautiful as you say she is. Sounds like she just wants the best for you and her family.