Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ekphrasis and Peter Pan

In my Creative Writing class we are learning about Ekphrasis, where you write a poem from a painting, photograph, sculpture, or any other kind of artwork. The poem can be descriptive, a story of what's going on, or basically anything you want. It's actually pretty fun (but this coming from an English major!), and I recommend you trying it. Here's one I did for class:

As if in a dream
I hear a knock on the window of my heart.
The one who never grows old has come for me.
“Come fly away with me” he says.

So I jump out into the unkown,
my hand held tightly in his.
I gaze at the world below me
sleeping through the wonders just over the stars.

The one who never grows old
takes me far beyond,
beyond the grayness and quietness
to a place where only dreams come true.

Light, laughter, and love
fill my eyes
and I never want to leave
this terrifying adventure.

When the fantasy is over
and I am safe in my soul,
I can still hear his whisper, “come fly with me.”
I eagerly grasp his hand once more and
leave this dreamworld behind. 

-The painting is by Max Lucado. He has done a lot more Disney paintings which are beautiful.  


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  1. I think you mean Thomas Kinkade, or however you spell his name. Also known as the painter of light. Although I like his garden paintings better than his Disney Scenes.