Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hope you are having a great year so far! So far, mine has consisted of sleeping in, watching the Rose Bowl Parade, writing, reading, and of course, eating a lot of delicious sweets. I don't have any 'big' New Year's resolution. Like last year, I want to love the Lord more fully this next year and serve him and people. What's yours?

I finished Reached, the last book in Ally Condie's Matched series, last night, and the whole series is fantastic, especially if you like dystopian (futuristic) young adult romancy novels. I'm not huge into love triangles, which is throughout this entire series, but there is enough adventure, rebellion and mystery in these books to keep me in their thrilling grip. What's more, these books have gorgeous covers.

In this first novel, the Society controls Cassia Reyes' life and those of everyone she knows. Everyone is safe in the Society, and Cassia has never questioned the controlled and simple environment she has grown up in.

But after her Match banquet, where certain citizens find out who their match (mate) will be for their entire lives, a face appears on the screen and it's not her match.

Is it possible Cassia's match could not be the right guy for her? Could it be possible the Society is not perfect? Is there more to life than just existing?

In Crossed, Cassia breaks out of the Society's hold on her life and looks for the person who might be her true Match.

In this novel, Cassia faces dangers in the wild she's never imagined, and learns more about herself and those she loves.

-I can't say more without giving anything away!

The Society is sick in Reached. Cassia and many others are excited by what this could mean for their ability to choose in the future. But things that no one predicted begin happening and hurting many people, including Cassia. Cassia must go through more Canyons before she becomes who she is meant to be and discover the true meaning of choice, and how dangerous it can be.
This is one of my favorite series; I highly recommend reading them. They are clean and have excellent bits of poetry thoughout them, which is actually a large part of the entire series. Ally Condie is a very talented author and you can learn more about her here.  

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