Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Review: Dracula

Dracula by Bram Stoker
In this novel, Jonathan Harker visits Count Dracula's castle on a quick business trip. But he quickly finds out that the Count is no ordinary man, and behind his sauve, kind demeanor is a threatening, blood-thirsty desire for those around him. Will Jonathan Harker be able to escape the castle alive? And if he does, will he find the Count in London wrecking havoc on those he loves?
Vampires. Love. Adventure. What more could a story possibly need to be good? This novel was surprisingly easy to read, despite its older language. It is written in journal entries and letters, which is interesting and helps the story to move along faster. The plot was well thought out, but towards the end I was growing bored with the story and knew what would happen.
Overall, it was a good novel, though I wouldn't recommend reading it at night if you scare easily. Did I mention it has vampires in it? And these are no Twilight, "I won't drink your blood because I love you" vampires (although I like that kind, too). It is a great read, and one of the classics I didn't have to struggle through. 

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