Sunday, December 9, 2012

Radical Faith

So at my church we were studying being a dangerous church like the believers in Acts for a while. My pastor told us an incredible true story last week about a man he knew in Fiji.

This man who lived in Fiji one day heard the Lord speaking to him through the Holy Spirit to go and share the gosple in Japan. The man answered, "Okay, I'll go. Let me just book a flight there and start raising money."

But God told him to go now, so the man replied that he just needed to get a change of clothes and some money. But the Spirit was insistent in him and said there was a taxi waiting for him outside.

So without a change of clothes, money, a plane ticket, or probably even a passport, the man walks out of his house in Fiji and into the taxi.

On the way to the airport the man explained to the driver that he didn't have any money. The driver understood and let him go without being paid.

At the airport the man walked up to the counter and told the lady he's flying to Japan today. She looked at her computer and said, "You're not in here, so you're not flying anywhere today." So the man sat down and prayed like crazy, thinking he himself was insane.

A while later the woman walked up to him and gave him a boarding pass. So he got on the plane (don't know the details, sorry) and an American was waiting for him in Japan, expressing his delight in having someone help build a church. They had been praying for someone to come for a long time.

All I can say to this story is wow! I often wonder why God doesn't do crazy awesome things like this in my life, and I think it's because I'm not sensitive to His spirit or taking those risks for Him.

How can we live dangerously for Christ in our daily lives? Do you have any ideas/suggestions?

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