Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Look Back, a Step Forward

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's celebration! May this New Year be filled with God's glory and His people seeking his face.

Here is a poem written by an accountant serving in Papua New Guinea by keeping track of the resources used for Bible Translation:

The Coming of the Word

The ancient little village had not yet seen or heard
The baby born among them, the living, breathing Word.
The prophecy of Micah as known-as least by some-
In Bethlehem of Judah the Promised One would come.

This unknown little baby, so fragile and so small-
The long-awaited Savior, the Word of God to all.
He came to earth so humble and all but hid from sight,
But we who know and love him still celebrate that night.

Now in another village the far side of the earth
Another group is hearing the story of his birth.
A story more important than any they have heard-
The God who speaks their language has given them his Word.

They never understood it in language used before,
But now it speaks so clearly! "We love it!" "Tell us more!"
So with their full attention, the Word is read aloud,
And faith is mixed with hearing among the joyful crowd.

But in another village somewhere between those two,
They read a foreign Bible that's still not getting through.
They want to understand it but only can in part
Because they're still not hearing the language of their heart.

In city, town and village we're challenged with the call
To be a part of bringing the Word of Life to all.
Through prayers, gifts and service, we take the Living Word
To ev'ry heart and language...till all the world has heard.

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