Saturday, January 10, 2015

What's New

January is often a time for new beginnings. We sometimes make New Year resolutions that focus on things that we want to do this year that we didn't do last year... or the budget year may have ended and a new budget year started. Perhaps new programs and projects will be initiated on this date. However, in reality,  January 1 is just another day... with a day before that is now history and a day to come that brings bright hopes and prospects. In the world of language development and Bible translation, it may mean that another year of work has been completed or sadly, another year where a language group still hasn't tasted even the smallest amount of Scripture in their heart language. Why not pray today that the year 2015 would be the year that a record number of languages in Papua New Guinea would have a project started in their language.
New Words for a New Year

*This blog was taken from the PNG Experience blog. 

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