Monday, February 16, 2015

Wycliffe Updates

The Lord is working slowly but surely in my life. Sometimes I wish it was a tad faster, but His timing is always perfect (as I keep telling myself). So, here are some awesome things God has done in the last few days with regards to my Wycliffe ministry:

  • Today I was accepted to the Canada Institute of Linguistics for their summer program. I need to take these classes before I can serve the Lord in the beautiful land of Papua New Guinea. 
  • I now have 26% of my monthly financial pledges and 69% of my one-time gifts. Praise the Lord for this great jump in my one-time expenses! Again, I need to have each kind of expense at 100% before I can go overseas with Wycliffe. Slowly but surely, my friends.
  • I have the opportunity to go to Houston this week to speak to my grandparents' friends and church about the awesome things God is doing through my life and Wycliffe. 

Thank you for journeying along with me in this exciting adventure! You are essential to getting God's word to those who don't have it yet. 

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