Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Water to Drink

Whew! Back into the land of the cold and the dead. My mother and I just returned from a trip to Friendswood, Texas to speak to my grandparents' friends and church about my Wycliffe ministry. The Lord was good; many people seemed interested in the work of Bible translation and He added several new partners to my Wycliffe team! Please pray that more of those I spoke to will desire to be a part of the exciting transformative work the Lord is doing for His kingdom around the world.

It was also a good to spend time with my grandparents and sister, not to mention that the weather was beautiful. We spent Sunday afternoon drinking in the sun, listening to the birds chirp and watching the lovely blossoms while it was freezing up here in north Texas. Soon we will be enjoying all of the above-mentioned things up here...I hope :).

Now on to another one of those fascinating comparisons about Bible translation and Papua New Guinea from the PNG Experience blog that I highly enjoy and hope you do as well.

Abundant Water

Physical life demands water in order to survive. In Papua New Guinea, water is abundant in most places and life displays its green color everywhere. Just like the physical life craves water, so the spiritual life craves Scripture. However, in PNG, there are plenty of places where the Scriptures are not translated into the language of the area. There, the spiritual life can become quite dry...like drinking from a rock. Pray that the almost 300 languages that need a translation project started would find resources to begin.

No water here!

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