Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bright Moon Rising

By the light of the moon

There are many places in the world where the moon is the main source of light at night. No street lights or LED flashlights, just the moon and the starry sky. When a full moon comes up in areas like that, its brilliance is startling. In urban and suburban areas, we rarely see the brilliant light of the moon because so many other lights distract us. The Bible can become like that.

In areas where we have so may things that compete with the Bible, it can seem to lose its luster. Is it the Bible or are we distracted by competing things? In Papua New Guinea, when a New Testament is completed, celebrations are huge and people get excited. Pray for the Kandawo people who will be celebrating their New Testament dedication in April. Pray for lasting results as the Scriptures change lives and impact communities.

*This post was taken from the PNG Experience blog. 

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