Sunday, May 20, 2012

Love? Love!

Is it just me, or is love between a man and woman usually a large part or the main focus of young adult books nowadays? In The Hunger Games it plays a large role in the plot, love is the main focus, of course, in the Twilight series, it is in the Forest of Hands and Teeth series I just finished reading and will write a review over soon, and in the book, Matched. Don't get me wrong, these are great books and some of my favs, but I get tired of reading about people falling in love, and how awesome it is and all of that. (maybe this is because I am still single? :)

Do readers put love between teenagers in these books because that is what the readers are craving? I know love is a part of growing up and is important, but there are different kinds of love. What about brother and sister love? What about love between children and parents? These things are mentioned and sometimes are the core of  stories, but I haven't read any like that in a while. There are other things stories can be about as well. Does a futuristic or fantasy book like the ones mentioned above have to have love in them or be a large part to be good?

I truly hope books don't have to have people fall in love in order for them to be bestsellers, and I don't think so. The Harry Potter series, for example, has some romantic love, but it doesn't play a large role. The Dragon Slippers series by Jessica Day George has some as well, but not much, and neither does Eragon, although his desire for Arya is in each book and affects what he does. What are some other books with little or no romatic love between the characters? I know they're out there!

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