Saturday, June 23, 2012


Sa bano! (hello)I'm in mongolia! We got here yesterday morning after traveling 13 hours to Beijing then three more to Ulaanbaater (UB)the capital. We toured the city and saw a memorial, where I got to hold an eagle. So heavy and so cool! Today we split up and went to several churches. At the one I went to they had guitars and sang with their hands up. Though I didn't understand them, it was so cool to worship with them. They even had us come to the front and sang a blessing to us. So neat! We ate at a Chinese place that was good, we all shared 10 dishes. This afternoon we are going shopping and touring some more. We will be staying here at a hotel in the capital till Friday, then we will go out to camp in the country to teach English. Training begins tomorrow, and I can't wait to learn more about this country and people, though i am not ready to work hard. Well, I must go. Hope you are all doing well! Barista!

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  1. So glad that you made that long trip safely. I bet you are tired unless you slept most of the way on the plane. Hopefully you will get used the time zone change soon. Sounds like you guys have been busy. Is the capital a happening place, or is it small? Not many people can say they have held an eagle in Mongolia. Pretty cool. How are your teammates? Praying that you are getting along well. Not much going on here. Nathan got away to Taiwan this morning. Have a church cookout tonight. Take care! Love you