Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Training has Begun!

Hello everyone! We have been in training the last two days for about six hours each day. Today we practiced planning lessons and teaching them in front of each other. It was very entertaining to be bad students who speak little Asian and how the teachers responded. I think we will all be ready Monday, when camp begins.

This afternoon, after a rather boring session here at the hotel, we were able to go to a culture show. The performers (Mongolians) wore their traditional costumes, which are beautiful and colorful. They played traditional music, including horse hair instruments kind of like violins that they hold with their knees, singers who can sing in two tones at the same time, elegant dances, and a contortionist who put her legs behind her head and moved them like they were alive (so cool). It was a really cool show, and  it almost convinced me to stay in Mongolia forever (I'm still thinking about it...).

We will be staying at this nice hotel until Friday, and then take a train to camp where we will teach students. Four of us will be teaching in gerrs. I hope I'm one of them! We will go from nice beds, warm meals, hot showers, to greasy food, 2 showers for 100 girls, and who knows what else. I'm so excited! Well, I've got to go, my awesome teammates are playing phase 10. Farewell! (P.S. If you comment, please do not say anything religious, just to be safe. Thanks a ton and I miss you all!)

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  1. Hi Rachel! I am commenting on Christy's site since I don't seem to be able to on my own. I will read your blog and then send email, so check them some. Thanks for keeping us informed. It all sounds so interesting! Glad all is well. Am praying for you! Love, Mom