Monday, August 13, 2012

Uglies, Pretties, Specials by Scott Westerfeld

This series is about a girl named Tally who lives in a world where everyone has an operation at the age of 16 to make them 'pretty'. Tally can't wait for the operation and for the fun to begin. But Tally's friend, Shay, doesn't want to be pretty and thirsts for a life where she is valued for what she looks like as she is. Shay does something unexpected, and Tally must find her friend or never be pretty. But the operation is not what it seems, and Tally must decide if being pretty is worth the cost she would have to pay to be like everyone else.  


The next two books in the series, Pretties and Specials, follow Tally as she fights to keep her identity in this futuristic, controlling world and remembers that who you are is more than what you look like.

These dystopian novels are intriguing and exciting. The first one was a bit slow and the plot obvious at some points. But the pace picks up in Pretties and Specials and these latter books have more twists and turns so that you are always wondering what will happen next. They are great books with thought-provoking ideas and some romance, but not so much that I wanted to throw up :).


  1. I finished Uglies a long time ago (about 2 years ago i think), but never picked up pretties or specials... I liked the idea of the books but I felt like the whole plot was a bit too predictable :) Would you recommend reading pretties and specials?
    Love your blog by the way!


  2. Hey! The plot was predictable in parts, especially in the last two books, but I still enjoyed the characters and world. Pretties and Specials are pretty action-packed and were fascinating to me. I'm not sure if you'd like them or not; you could always just try Pretties. Glad you like the blog!