Tuesday, March 11, 2014

For Fun

Here's a short poem I wrote a while ago just for fun (be aware, it's bad). It doesn't even have a title...

Who are you to say he's not real,
this fine fellow from my field of dreams? 

He has fears, hopes, desires, 
same as you and me.

He struggles and learns,
has eyes, hair and teeth, 
not to mention a brawny bod. 

Just because I wrote him into existence, 
doesn't mean he doesn't breathe, live. 

He's out there waiting for me, 
this fair fiction fellow of mine. 

Anyone agree with me? Do those male characters just seem so real, perhaps too real, at times? If you're bored or sick of studying, go write a fun, short poem and tell us about it. Or, if you can't write one, then read one. 

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